Passion and innovation are central to Florim’s investments

A new Industry 4.0

factory for large slabs

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Production hub

of 56 thousand square metres, with the very latest technologies

Production specialisation

manufacturing large slabs only

A plant specifically for

Florim large slabs

In just a short time, we succeeded in offering the market the largest size ever seen in ceramic slabs, together with a vast assortment of practical, convenient sizes. This well structured range, and the outstanding design values for which we have long been famous, proved to be our passport to the world's top architectural projects, while also establishing large ceramic slabs on the consumer market for conventional applications. Today, with the hi-tech Industry 4.0 factory in Imola (Bologna - Italy) next to the current plant, we are ready to expand our current production capacity.

The project

New spaces, new lines, more productivity

An investment of 70 million Euro for the construction of a new site of 56 thousand square metres, with the very latest production technologies, enabled to dialogue with each other.

800 earthquake-proof foundation piles are already in place to support a plant that is 100% Florim in innovation and style. A new cogeneration plant will help to supply the factory with electricity produced in-house, to increase environmental sustainability.

Schedule and results

The rapid pace of change

We have brought all our resources into play to complete in just 6 months a new factory producing large porcelain slabs.

Investments in the last 5 years
Investment in the Industry 4.0
Size of the new production site
The fundamental stages
in Florim's latest investments
New buildings are constructed at the Florim headquarters, under a roof of photovoltaic panels
Florim Gallery opens: 9,000 mq of display area and working and events location
The new Florim logistics hub goes into operation and we open the new Flagship Store in Moscow. The Health&Training Centre opens at the Fiorano headquarters.
The Flagship Stores on Foro Buonaparte in Milan and in Manhattan, New York are opened
Spazio CEDIT opens in the heart of Milan

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